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Life is what you bake of it!

Eating something delicious. Baking something delicious and sharing it with others. The lingering smell from fresh-baked cookies. This is how I define joy. Batter + Dough hopes to spark and spread joy through my small-batch gluten-free treats and gluten-free cookie kits and mixes.


Batter + Dough specializes in creating delicious moments that are surprisingly gluten-free. Everyone in your life -- not just those who are gluten-free -- will enjoy Batter + Dough's treats, whether made by me or made using one of my kits. The easy-to-use kits and mixes enable you to make cookies that all can enjoy while not compromising quality or taste! They require no special equipment or baking skills. Everything is provided -- you just add butter and when called for, an egg.

Let's Be Social!

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